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— Leadership & Management Skills in Science —

We guide researchers through our LIT-process.

— Our special way —

Learn – Implement – Transform

All GLIA-Leadership programs are built around our unique LIT process. Its purpose is to equip researchers with the ability to fully integrate the knowledge and techniques that they LEARN, IMPLEMENT them in their environment, and TRANSFORM their leadership, their approach to research, and their academic communities to be sustainable, creative, flexible, and competitive, independent of volatile labor markets and funding environment.



The LEARN phases provide you with in-depth training on research leadership through a series of recorded video sessions. These sessions are bi-weekly, covering modules that delve into core training and management principles, tailored to the needs of small to medium-seized research teams in academia. Additional program related content, such as workbooks, implementation videos, and templates will help you to internalize the concepts.



The IMPLEMENT phase involve putting the lessons learned into practice. With the support and guidance of experienced coaches, you adapt the systems to your specific needs and work with your team to ensure effective implementation. Group coaching sessions provide a platform for participants to discuss the course content, develop strategies, and address any challenges that may arise. Additionally, your supplementary workbooks helps you to digest the training content and develop your own version of leadership.



The effective implementation of the principles learned through the research leadership program will lead to a positive TRANSFORMATION of your and your team’s working culture, resulting in enhanced team dynamics, alignment with shared values, better results and higher success.

— Use the innovative coaching concept LIT —

A high-performing team does not happen by trial & error. It happens systematically.

Dr. Stefanie Robel

Dr. Stefanie Robel
Associate Professor Neuroscience CEO and Co-Founder of GLIA-Leadership
Robert Roßbach
Transformation Expert COO and Co-Founder of GLIA-Leadership
Why we founded GLIA-Leadership

Dr. Stefanie Robel | Principal Investigator & Leadership Maven

+ Robert Roßbach | Transformation Expert

= Industry-leading Leadership & Management Practices applied to modern Research


— Maximize the outcome of your research team —

Four reasons to partner with GLIA Coaches.

Research Expertise

Individual Support

Long-term Guidance

Sustainable Improvements

— Take advantage of these benefits for you and your team —

Optimize your research team’s speed, efficiency and effectiveness.

Increase your research team’s scientific impact by enhancing your leadership and management skills with GLIAs unique approach.

Increase your outcome
Be faster than competitive research teams
Spend more time & energy on research and less on administration
Lower the cost of your research
Make reproducibility of results easier
Reduce your personal and professional stress level

Better time allocation Improved output Reduced costs

Let us take you on a journey to enhance the productivity of your research group.

- For Principal Investigators, Lab Managers and Senior Researchers -

– Overview –
Research Management Mastery
Research Leadership Mastery
Research Mentoring

These are our coaching programs tailored to the needs of individuals. Are you an institution? Do you have special requirements that do not fit these programs? Please contact us. We are happy to customize our programs to meet the needs of your organization: info@glia-leadership.com

– The workflow –

Our program’s workflow is optimized to generate maximum impact with minimal time investment. By investing just a few hours per week and utilizing our online format, researchers can easily integrate our programs into their daily business operations. This seamless integration allows them to focus on their research while still benefiting from our program’s valuable resources.

Group Coaching Cycles


Individual Coaching Cycles


– The content –

Our content is industry proven and state of the art, ensuring that participants are equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills. We have specifically designed our program to be adapted to research and researchers’ needs, so participants can be confident that they are receiving relevant and practical training.One of the greatest benefits of our program is that the content helps participants find their own way, encouraging them to develop their unique strengths and leadership styles.


Research Management Mastery

Run an efficient and effective lab

The Research Management Mastery program teaches you the management skills needed in research teams. The 9-module program provides long-term support and teaches proven management approaches tailored to research teams, leading to a visual research team manifesto. The program covers topics such as:

  • Process Management
  • Team Management
  • Self Management
  • Project Management
  • Continuous improvement of research operations
Program Flyer

Research Leadership Mastery

Become a great Leader and build a high-performing team.

Team leaders learn to create a safe work environment that reduces stress and anxiety, which in turn leads to increased motivation and teamwork. The program covers the development of a team strategy for personal and professional growth, which can help team members find purpose in their work and direction in their careers.

Research Leadership Mastery program helps team leaders

  • define their team’s purpose
  • establish a strategic hiring and team building plan
  • take control of team culture and values
  • improve team communication
  • foster positive team dynamics and
  • coach team members for independent decision making
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Research Mentoring Mastery

Guide an independent Team

The Research Mentoring Program trains team leaders in mentoring, coaching and problem-resolution. It is split into two phases: The first three months focus on building rapport, alining performance expectations, guiding team members to identify their growth potential, and learning basic coaching and mentoring skills. The next three months deepen the coaching and mentoring skills to address specific blocks and challenges. The Programm aims to empower team members to reach their potential, improve team dynamics, and create a fulfilling wirk environment through communication and relationship building.

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Agile Research Mastery

Be an Agile Leader in an Agile Research Team.

The Agile Research Mastery Program covers key aspects of Agile management, including:

  • Agile principles and values, frameworks,
  • Agile leadership, team dynamics and collaborations,
  • Agile planning, prioritization, estimation performance management,
  • Agile retrospectives and continuous improvement.

The program promotes collaboration in and among teams and encourages active participation and a sense of ownership among team members, leading to a more productive and efficient work environment, and fostering a culture of innovation and progress.

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Grant Writing

Get grants successfully funded

Introducing the CLARITY program – designed to help researchers who are struggling to get their grant proposals funded or looking to improve their submission strategy. This 3-month coaching and consulting program provides a private think tank to workshop ideas and experimental design, in the context of both the proposal and overall research portfolio. Working alongside a former Principal Investigator with a 3-time, single-digit percentile score, you will receive feedback, guidance, and support on framing your project narrative, overcoming reviewer resistance, and persuasive writing mechanics. Through coaching, you will identify behavioral patterns that hold you back, draw out inspiration, innovation, and vision, and take your proposal to the next level. Schedule a consultation to learn more and apply.

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Individual Coaching

Reach your personal and professional goals

The individual coaching we offer is a comprehensive and personalized approach to support you in reaching your personal and professional goals. Our coaches have a deep understanding of the unique requirements and challenges faced by research and science professionals, and they use their expertise to create a customized plan that is tailored to your individual needs and personalty. The individual coaching process involves several stages, including:

  • an initial assessment
  • relationship building with the coach,
  • coaching sessions focused on goal-setting and action planning, and
  • termination when the goals are achieved.

Our coaches use a variety of techniques and tools to support you throughout the process and provide guidance, feedback, and motivation to help you achieve your goals and create a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

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— Designed for the needs of researchers —

There are countless opportunities for growth and development all around us, we just need to be open to recognizing them and actively working to take advantage of them.

Robert Roßbach

— Our experienced coaches who expect to work with you —

The GLIA-Team
Participate from the experience of our coaches and like-minded researchers.
Elisa R Zanier, MD
Head of Department
Department of Acute Brain Injury Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research

Stefanie, Alex and Robert have accomplished mission impossible for me. The Research Management Mastery Training helped me become crystal-clear about what needed to change and how to implement change to run my lab without feeling stressed all the time or stressing my team. During this half-year implementation course I incorporated strong management foundations with my team and embraced a bigger vision for my work and leadership.

Adele Addington
Lab Manager
Siobhan M. Craige Lab Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise at Virginia Tech
The Research Management Mastery course helped me develop strategies to better manage our lab and provided me with the tools to implement many of the organizational processes I have needed to do!  The course reinforced the importance of the team-work approach we currently use in the lab. The RMM course gave me the tools and time to formalize our common lab processes to improve organization and function of the lab group, allowing us to grow from 4 members to currently 12!

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